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Great news DieHard Fans! As of now the Hawaiian Islands will be allowing inbound flights starting October 15, 2020. In compliance with the CDC ALL visitors will need to abide to the State of Hawaii guidelines before traveling to Hawaii and participating in Island Activities.

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe during this time and look forward to fishing with you again. 

From our Die Hard Family to yours!

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Howie is one of our Die Hard Fans and this is just one of his Awesome catches out on the water with us. 

Mahalo Howie for your support!!!! 

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Look How Happy Captain Fuzzy is? 

We would like you to be happy too. That is why we have the earliest departures and are one of the top producers in Maui for sport fishing. 

Hope to see you on your trip in Maui. 

Aloha & Mahalo

418lb Marlin

April 2018


Below are some of the best catches we have had in 2018, not all our catches but some of the best. We do normally catch 90% of the time. 

For more frequent updates or to see what we are catching regularly please go and like us on our Facebook page or on our Instagram (diehard_sf) 

We hope to make your trip to Maui a DIE HARD experience.

Aloha & Mahalo 

Only one week away from the end of 2017 and Here at Die Hard we can only say how blessed we are to be so fortunate to Live, Work, and Play in one of the most beautiful locations in the World.
Thank you to all of our charter guests that came aboard the Die Hard in 2017 and we look forward to 2018. 
Mahalo and Aloha!

Captain Fuzzy and Crew

What a great day on Maui aboard the Die Hard with Capt Fuzzy and Sam. It is very rare that we do not see this type of catch with Capt Fuzzy. 

He leaves the earliest, uses live bait and gets to prime fishing ground at the time when the fish are the most hungry. When it comes to fishing Captain Fuzzy isn't just taking a boat ride. 

Book your fishing trip aboard the Die Hard on your next trip to Maui. 



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Our one year anniversary June 2017

June 2017

Holy Tuna!!!!!

Bachelorette Party! Look at these beauties! The girls look good too! 

What a Mahi Mahi day! April 2017

Marlin 113lb

April 2017



March 2017


485 Marlin on March 2017 and a Little Extra


MAHI MAHI!!!! 3/6/17
First catch of the Year! Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!


Video of a typical fishing trip aboard the DieHard.

 A Big MAHALO! To Travis Volk for this awesome video of his fishing charter aboard the DieHard. It is a small peek into what a typical fishing trip aboard the DieHard with Captain Fuzzy and Sam looks like. Please like us on Facebook for more updates on our Catch of the day and other news about our latest fishing trips and special last minute pricing deals.  DieHard Facebook Page


Mahalo Mark for being a  DieHard Fan!


  After a life time of fishing. Mark one of our returning customers has caught the ONE!  Mark has been wanting to catch a  short billed Spearfish the Rarest billfish in the world for over 30 years. 

Congrats Mark!

Mahalo again for being a DieHard fan! 

 WE ARE BACK!!             Let's Go Fishing!



475lb Marlin caught 6/20/16

Perfect review. Mahalo Nicole!

"Great experience! " June 11 2016
5 of 5 stars2 days agoReviewed by Nicole M
My husband and I went out on Fuzzy and Sam's inaugural charter in their new slip and had a great time! I went really just to watch and experience the deep sea fishing culture. I was a bit leery about leaving at 11pm and going all night but turns out these guys know what they're doing! They said that's when the fish were biting and they were. They caught bait fish on the way out to the buoy which was fun. When we got closer to the buoy Sam woke us up and gave us a quick lesson as to how to handle the rods and what not. Then the fishing began. They baited the rods and got them started. Once a fish bit on, my husband took over and reeled them in. We caught 6 fairly large yellowfin tunas and 2 smaller tunas. Even with only 1 fisherman, they still managed to get all these fish. Fuzzy and Sam are very passionate about sport fishing and very knowledgeable. They both helped Jason learn the techniques needed to get the fish in. I was also impressed with how well the managed the boat. They were both constantly doing something, when fuzzy was driving, Sam was getting gear ready and cleaning the boat. If Fuzzy needed to cut the fish or do something else Sam managed the wheel. They worked effortlessly and fluidly as a team with great communication. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking to fish in Maui and we WILL be back!




Fishing with Capt Fuzzy

 We Want to thank Our Customer Westbru's Channel on You Tube for this Great Video!

Please send Us any Videos you might have when you fished with Us.

Alohas & Mahalos


First Day Back on the water


5 of 5 starsReviewed September 27, 2014NEW

We spent days researching countless boats and trying to decide who to go with. There were 12 of us so we needed 2 boats. We decided upon Die Hard and another boat I can't comment on as much as I wasn't on it. We booked our 8 hour charter.

We got a call the day before confirming our time of 1am departure and sure enough Fuzzy and his 1st mate were there ready to go. They had done their live bait bait fishing and had only come up with 6 fish(they started losing enough fish/lures to sharks they gave up). Needless to say we were a little worried on our chances.

We spent our first 5 hours cruising in pitch black to our fishing hole. (also left us a bit worried how much actual fishing time we were going to get.) Fuzzy and Sam assured us we needed our rods in first light as thats when the tuna would feed.

Once we hit the spot, we got an overview how this was going to work and started setting the rods. Got our first line in the water and we hadn't even set the second before fuzzy had a tuna on and we were away fishing!

Our first 20 mins and we had 5 tuna in the boat. Hour later and we were up to 12. We had yellowfin, big eye, skipjack. All in we land 18 tuna(all around 15-30lb) in the boat and a couple lost. Multiple times we had 3 fish on all at once.

After tuna fishing for awhile it was time to set the lines and go for the big ones! We set the lines and began fishing as we trolled our long journey back towards the harbour. 

Line started flying! After a long battle we landed ourselves a 328lb and almost 11ft long marlin in the boat. 

We had one other bite on our way back which appeared to be an ono but we lost it.

we reached the dock back at 11:30 which in total left us with a 10.5 hour day on the boat at no extra charge.

There were 8 boats on the radio which came back empty and our other group; that went on another boat came back with minimal fish and of small size.

We told fuzzy we were in town for a wedding and wanted to bring back some fish for a big barbecue. Unlike some other boats we had read about these guys are generous with their fish! 4 ziploc bags stuffed with tuna they could barely close. We fed the whole wedding of 40 for 2 days at bbqs with tuna steaks, home made poke and sashimi. 

I have fished many times and these guys tried so damn hard even after our arms started to pack in due to fighting fish.

I would recommend them again in a second and we have already talked about heading back to maui again, even if it is just to fish.

Visited September 2014
437 lb BLUE MARLIN!!!!! July 2014
Fishing with Die Hard is the Best! 







H.A Cater lll  and friends 

10/23/2013    Mahalo for the pic!!!!!


Welcome Phil and Barbara to Our members area...and mahalo for the pic's... Jan 2014


Way to GO>>>> Howie !!!! 269lb BLUE Marlin 5/29/13



 Check out Video (link below) thanks to Jim Stoddard Our newest Member

Click Here>  https://vimeo.com/66862293


Could not say it any better THANK YOU Rich A.  A Review from TripAdvisor!.....Please check them all out at the link above  
“2nd Time was even better”
5 of 5 starsReviewed 10 May 2013

I chartered Die Hard on 5/9/13 since I went on it last February with my 14 year old son and we caught 22 yellow fins and had a great time. We had 5 on the boat and were with Sam and David. Both of them did a great job as David was at the wheel and Sam took care of us. 

Can't say enough for how cool they were and talked to us, were just laid back and let us know they cared about us and their job. My 15 year old Richie had a great time with both of them and thought they were the best he's been with.

We baitfished for around 45 minutes and once we had enough mackerals, then we head out for 3.5 hours to fishing grounds. 

Within 10 minutes my 13 and 15 year old sons each had 20lb tunas. Once those were landed, then my father in law got a 17lb mahi mahi and then I landed a 40lb mahi mahi that was awesome. My brother in law had a mahi on right after me but he did not know what he was doing and did not listen to what Sam told all of us earlier and lost it (not the crew's fault).

We then switched to some jigs and caught 8 skipjacks, 2 more yellow fins and then a blue runner that was really cool.

I know not everyday can be guarranteed but I have been on Die Hard now 2x and both trips were awesome. Garrett took care of us getting the boat set up and Sam and David were top notch running the boat.

If you want a real day of fishing starting late at night, hit Die Hard since it's an experience you won't forgot. Thanks again to Sam and David for working their hinds off for us.


Rich A.

Visited May 2013


NEW PIC"S thank you Jared!!!!!! SWEET!!

Please Welcome Jody from Tyler TX. Our newest Member

  Thank you Jody, We are Glad you had a Good time Fishing with US!

Big Big TUNA!!


Capt Fuzzy and Mark Johnson

  Check out Our

TRIP ADVISOR Reviews link above

DIE HARD Sport Fishing recorded over 300 Yellow Fin Tuna a month this last summer!!!

Sept 17 2012


  Thank you for your Photos . All Fishers you can check out more of

Chubbz photos at his Members area. above



Welcome Mark Johnson Our Newest Member  ... Check out his Photos in his members area...AWESOME Yellow Fin Tuna !!!Way to Go Mark




To Get $5 Off per person Call direct 808-344-5051  LET'S GO FISHING  >> CALL TO BOOK NOW WE ARE FILLING UP FAST!
Please Welcome Mike to Our Member area this is his coment "
"I went out with Fuzzy and Turtle on Feb 19 of this year had the time of my life. We caught mahi mahi and tuna. Turtle I will be back soon so we can get a rematch with that 100 plus pound yellow fin that got off at the boat. see you soon"
Also Welcome Tom Vanderplaat, Chris,and  Carrie
This has been a Great year Please Check out Our Trip Advisor Page for Review's above
  Photos of Die Hard Sport Fishing, Lahaina
This photo of Die Hard Sport Fishing is courtesy photo of Die Hard Sport Fishing is
Check Out OUR "Photo Gallery" Please Check out OUR TripAdvisor Review's LINK ABOVE 







 May's Catch: OVER 400 Tuna, Marlin and Mahi too
Another NEW MEMBER .."Aaron" just joined us here at DieHardSportFishing.com He sent us a Great Pic of his Mahi...Big Mahi


Aaron's big Mahi above

 29 mahi Larry Asher, Bob Ackerman ...go to photo gallery to see more    


This week Jan30th to Feb 4th 

Fish Catch: 2 Stripe marlin, over 60 yellow fin, up to 85lb'ers, 10 Mahi-Mahi









Please Welcome OUR Newest Member Larry Asher.. check out his fish Catch in the member's area,,,,,,,Also Julie and Darrin have Joined us here at DH 
   Stripe Marlin TODAY1-2-11 Larry ...catch below got another Striper 3 mahi, ..yesterday. 4 mahi  today 1-5-12
Scott Davidson and JAY :)   Go fishing with Fuzzy 2nd time this year 2011 ...2 Mahi-Mahi and some small yellow-fin tunas... Way to Go guys...... Scott always catches fish see more below.......

Scott, Scott, Scott, ...................................

Peak's Pic's

 Capt FUZZY Thank you for these AWESOME PIC"S

You Can GO>>>>>>> To The Members Area click Register fill in the little form and then you can Upload Pic's Try It It's Cool !! 

Welcome Our NEWEST MEMBER "Tule" from No. Calif...ALOHAS Tule  11-11-11

7 mahi-mahi and some yellow fin tunas....   today 11-1-11...NICE FISH GIRLS   Ashley & Carley 


Thanks Joel for your Testimonial.. Hope to see you this November 

QuotesI went fishing with Fuzzy back in November. I reeled in 46 of the 48 fish we caught. You know you have had fun when you have blisters on your hands, from reeling that many fish. It is nice to be able to use the rods, instead of just watching them. It was the best charter on Maui by a long shot.   JoelQuotes


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MORE Pic's from the Smiths....  Show the Love :)

New Testimonial from Tom Muscio ...check it out thanks Tom  

He is emailing me  New Pics too

I caught a 39 pound yellowfin tuna, my biggest fish ever. I fished with Fuzzy and Andy in 2009 and caught lots of fish and I caught the 39 pounder in May 2011. Fuzzy wants to catch fish as much as any one. He really gets pumped up. When I had this fish on, he yelled, "Reel faster, reel faster, Tom. It's a bigger fish; it's a bigger fish." When we got back to the dock, I was all excited taking pictures and showing off my fish to anyone who passed by. Fuzzy came up to me and said he was sorry for yelling at me. I told him there was no need to apologize and I gave him a big hug. I will fish with Fuzzy and Andy again as soon as I can. I'm not a good fisherman. I'm a tourist, and Fuzzy takes good care of Hawaiian tourists at Die Hard Sport Fishing."


The SMITHS KIDS 29 mahi--mahi

 The SMITH'S went fishing , Tues 7-19-11 29 MAHI-MAHI  and 11 tuna  


Just love this Guy!


And Please WELCOME Michael Willson " Tuna/Wahoo Hunter" OUR NEWEST MEMBER... at Photo Gallery Check out his PHOTOS " PEAK   " CHECK OUT HIS TESTIMONIAL >>>>>>>>>>
Again Fuzzy cuts/ fillet    a GIANT TUNA  110 lbs WOW!!!!!  Sat 5-28-11  


RICH MONICO and Family fishing 2011 with Fuzzy

Well Scott Davidson caught 3 mahi-mahi.. plenty for dinner.. 4-2011 

 Now thats what I am talking about! What a GOOD looking guy!!!!!!  now where is the fish pic's?


Scott is fishing with Fuzzy tomorrow,,,,,, he is one very,very,very lucky fisherman..... Pic below 2008...ooooppps !  I think he was fishing with Fuzzy dad ???? hummmm?:)   NEW PIC'S tommorrow!

Extreme Maui Fishing with the real DieHard fisherman


2 Ahi 160 lbers !!!!!!!! Thank YOU Julie for the pic's today!!!!!!!          You all should of seen Capt Fuzzy filleting that 160 lb Tuna on the Dock WOW!!!!! I hope someone got a video  Aloha's All 

GOT PIC Way To Go Darin!!! Nice Fish!!!

Way to GO Everett!!!!!! you made are local paper for TOP Mahi-Mahi in 2010 weighing in at 57 lb......

WOW  it is Raining like ..a lot!

  BUT Fishing is GOOD!!!!!!
New Pic's from Craig Bair  fishing with Capt Fuzzy......these folks caught WOW!!!! 19 Mahi ,10 yellowfin tuna,, and a Barracuda!!! Mahalo's for the pics Craig




NEW / OLD Pic thank you for the pic Aloha..... the Bauer's fishing with Capt Fuzzy on Iwalle in 2002  Catch... 2 Striper Marlin..Whooooo!!!

Happy Birthday Capt Fuzzy...Whooooo 

What a Great guy


 This Guy Josh has been fishing with  Capt Fuzzy about 15 times in the last 7 months WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO JOSH GO THanks for the great pic see you soon!!!!!!!!***** :)

NEW PIC"S Mahalo Ryan Fishing with Capt Fuzzy

GOT FISH?????Great Pic Andy, Fuzzy & RyanRyan Gets to drive the DIEHARD!  ALRIGHT!!!!sHARKs in The frickin Harbor right behind my booth! that thier baby. 150 lbs

Now here is some real fisherman they caught this 150 + lb Blue Marlin with their bare hands!!!! LOL.. Not really, Love this Picture Hi Zach's MOM...ALOHA'S 
Bruce Hillen had fun with Fuzzy getting these  tunas... thanks for the pic's Bruce Aloha's
OK WOW!!! DIE HARD GETS OVER 100 FISH IN A WEEK!!!...................70 lber  Yesterday 11-12-10.. 10 yellow fin tuna & 4 mahi  Capt Fuzzy & Andy crew :)
DIE HARD comes in 1st place AGAIN!!!!!  with more Marlin in 2010 out of 27 boats in Lahaina Harbor!!  Whoooooo!!!!
NEW PIC"S  Tim Pratt fishin' with Capt Fuzzy  Sept 2010

 Tim fishin with Capt Fuzzy

Tim and Fuzzy with 46 lb Ono.... Tim is Fuzzy helping you you hold that big fellow????????


Thank you Tim for this great photo of Capt Fuzzy  I love it!!! he proably wont,  he is such a humble guy. GREAT PIC!!! he can  catch FISH!!!!!

14 mahi-mahi  6 tuna today 10-20-10


PIC's from the Schmit's fishing with Fuzzy

Little Action here!!!


We Made the Local Paper Lahaina News,, thank you Andy Tate

A Hell of a day at Sea Boy's 2 Marlin today 387lb Blue and 98lb Striper, plus Mahi and Tuna

Click the image to open in full size.

NEW PIC'S  Rob sent me today 7-29-10


NEW PIC'S  This is a Day Fishing with Capt Fuzzy!!!!!!Don't Be fooled by some others companies saying that this is their Fish. like extereme fishing maui scammer

extreme fishing maui hawaii

New Pic's and just another day On Die Hard with Capt Fuzzy


New Pics

extreme fishing maui hawaii


extreme fishing maui hawaii

New Pic's  Dylan Houge with a sweet Mahi-Mahi


Earliest Departures!!......Bloody Decks!!!

 9 Mahi-Mahi and 2 70lb Ahi -yellow fin tuna


Scott and his son had a GREAT  D-DAY 9 Mahi and plenty of Tuna...Sat




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